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About Environmental Consumer

Environmental Consumer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to support consumers as they take the next step to reduce their resource usage and environmental impact via tools, databases, and guidance that inform, enable, reinforce, and communicate incremental and personally achievable lifestyle changes.


Environmental Consumer exists to reduce direct and indirect impacts from everyday consumer choices.

Being green isn't easy; buying responsibly in a world of seven-syllable ingredients and misleading advertising is a challenge, if not impossible. Accurate and easily accessible information is hard to come by, making buying responsible difficult for all but the most dedicated consumers. If you hold environmental and social responsibility as moral values, then we aim to provide information and resources that can help you make meaningful changes in your life and help make those changes effortless. We also intend to fill the gaps in information and training left by more traditional educational approaches by providing resources and databases that go beyond top 10 lists and dispensing light bulbs. While that kind of information has its place, our programs ease the learning curve to help consumers take the next step and expand beyond the easy adjustments.


Environmental Consumer aims to reduce consumers' impacts on the environment and increase the environment's impact on business bottom lines.

We make decisions every few minutes that dramatically alter our environmental impact. Do you walk, bike, drive, or take public transit to the store? Do you buy a soda in a plastic bottle? In an aluminum can? At all? Do you go to the big box store, or spend the time to find a more socially responsible retailer in town? How high do you set your air conditioning? Sure, these decisions are based on practical needs, but breaking out of habits to; our values and learned habits strongly guide the decisions we make. Knowing that alternatives exist, and feeling ready to try them, is important for long-lasting, meaningful lifestyle changes. That's where we come in.

Environmental Consumer aims to provide tools and resources to people who want to reduce the impact of their purchases and who can, in turn, utilize their purchasing power at truly sustainable businesses, thus giving this sector a fighting chance. The intent is for decisions to be easier for consumers and for companies' bottom lines to accurately reflect the public's rising concerns over environmental degradation and workers' quality of life.

Information is power, but even more so in the form of straightforward, practical tools and databases. With our step by step guides, articles, databases, and interactive learning tools, consumers can make sense of the overwhelming amount of information and misinformation on environmental products and sustainability. Ultimately, we want to make it easier to think about social responsibility when making each decision. With that clarity, we all can reduce our impacts and accurately convey our needs to companies through our purchases.


Environmental Consumer envisions a world where impacts from purchasing are minimal and where market pressures force companies to accurately account for environmental impacts.