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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ads? Aren't you a nonprofit?
It's true, Environmental Consumer is a non-profit, but we need to pay the bills just like anyone else. While the bulk of our income comes from donations and grants, as an Internet-based company, we also have the opportunity to support our work through ad revenue, which lets us pay for costs without restrictions. We try to keep them to a minimum and hope they are unobtrusive. Additionally, we try to keep ads that don't align with the values of this organization of of the site. If you see an ad that you don't think belongs here or if you have feedback regarding ads for us, please visit our feedback page
Why did you choose to make PDF cards?
When we went to design and print our thank you cards we evaluated our options for sustainable printing and determined that even with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based ink, not printing at all is the more responsible choice. We feel that as we attempt to give consumers resources to be responsible purchasers, we also need to act responsibly in our own work. We send our cards electronically in order to avoid use of energy, water, paper, and other resources involved in making paper, printing on it, and sending it to you. Instead, we've opted to use the relatively low resource method of creating a custom PDF for you with the added benefit of saving the organization's limited financial resources for staffing. We put the same care into designing the card and writing in it that we would have had it been in print, and if you reply back to us, we'll make sure to respond. We're still open to new ideas, including sending paper cards, so if you have feedback, either positive or negative, please share it with us on our feedback page.