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By Nick

There are a lot of blogs on the Internet, many of them environmentally focused.  As a drop in the bucket, I feel like I should tell you what we’re going to write about and why this one might be worth your time – and give some background on the organization in the process.

I started the Environmental Consumer in late 2007 with the idea that it’s really hard to know how to be friendly to the planet in our everyday lives. Most of us (in the United States, at least) are taught how to live successful, prosperous lives without considering environmental constraints. To be environmentally friendly, we are essentially relearning the most basic functions of our lives – and that’s really hard. The organization was meant to provide information to people in transition – those who want to be environmentally friendly, but know nothing but consumption. As I’ve made this transition myself, I’ve realized how much more information needs to be available in order for others to do the same.

Today, the goal remains the same, but our approach is slightly different than our initial intent – in part due to increasing environmental awareness by U.S. consumers; however, we’re still trying to put you in the driver’s seat by providing databases and tools that make environmental choices and decision-making possible. As it stands, it’s often difficult and time consuming, if not entirely impossible, to find the information that you need to make socially responsible choices. We’d like to change that and provide it in one place.

In that vein, on the site, look for:

  1. Tools – The first web tool, which helps you quickly convey your concerns to large companies (we take care of the annoying parts), is already available at http://www.enviroconsumer.com/tell – we’re busy making it better and building more tools and systems like it.
  2. Databases – We want you to be able to find information on socially conscious companies and facilities in your area. We’re preparing the first one now – look for it in the coming months.
  3. Reports – Occasionally a database isn’t enough information to help you make the right choices. When we see something that needs expert analysis, we’ll research it and provide it to you in an easy to digest form.
  4. Some fun – Sometime soon we’ll be posting slideshows of the more interesting and ridiculous trends in consumer goods. You can also expect our first shirt, printed with “Buy Recycled,” soon. It’s printed on previously used shirts so the impact is low and every item is completely unique.

Similarly, what you can expect on our blog is:

  1. Updates on our progress – Sometimes projects take time and we’ll want to let you know in the interim some interesting findings or give you some information to build excitement – and we want you to be as excited as we are. Similarly, when we release something new, we’ll tell you about it here too (à la Google’s blog)
  2. Tips – It seems like there are a half-million places on line to find a listing of ways to live sustainably. We’re not trying to duplicate those. Instead, we’re going to provide strategies for you to change your thinking and point you to other helpful resources.
  3. Analysis of major events – This isn’t a news blog – if you want green news, you should probably check out Treehugger (and dozens of other sites). They fill a different niche than we do. However, occasionally something will happen on consumer issues that warrants discussion and commentary – and you’ll be able to find that here.

So that’s what we have coming up!  We’ll let you know (or keep checking back) as these projects come together projects come together. We’re pretty excited and hope this helps you understand what you’ll be able to get from this site. Should you have any questions, you can reach me via email – my address is “nick” (minus quotes) at this site’s address. Thanks and happy reading.