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Author Archives: Nick

Getting to Sustainability: I Have Seen the Enemy, and He is Us

This piece was originally published on BrightSpot Social I recently wrote about why consumer behavior matters in response to Annie Leonard’s piece on why good citizens are more important than good consumers. Without rehashing that piece, I argued that good consumers help change our consumption culture and invest in sustainability, and that’s exactly what we […]

What Does Environmental Consumption Look Like Internationally?

Generally speaking, consumer trends often follow two competing lines. As societies and cultures gain more wealth, their consumption generally goes up, but as segments of those societies gain more wealth, their environmental awareness tends to increase as well, but not enough to offset the overall culture’s increase in consumption.

Environmentalism Can’t Succeed Without Good Citizens and Good Consumers

Generally, we try to focus Environmental Consumer’s work on your power as a consumer to reduce your impact and change business practices by voting with your dollars. A discussion arose recently on the effectiveness of that, and Nick chimed in. This piece was originally posted at Next New Deal, but has been crossposted a few […]

What we’re about

There are a lot of blogs on the Internet, many of them environmentally focused.  As a drop in the bucket, I feel like I should tell you what we’re going to write about and why this one might be worth your time – and give some background on the organization in the process. I started […]

Principle #2 of Environmental Consumerism

Principle #2: The gains of fuel efficient vehicles are lost if you drive more often because you have one. Hybrids are a great step toward fuel-efficiency and better transportation, but they need to be combined with driving less whenever possible if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint and your oilprint. If you get in […]

Principle #1 of Environmental Consumerism

Principle #1: If an environmentally friendly product doesn’t work, don’t assume the same of all environmentally friendly products. Just as you would only assume any other brand’s performance only reflects on the brand, assume the same for environmentally friendly goods and services. If a product doesn’t work, try a different manufacturer, and if you repeatedly […]

Principles of Environmental Consumerism: Intro

In addition to a planned series on strategies for getting in the mindset of using less, we’re going to kick off a series of very short blog posts of principles to guide you as an environmental (or socially-responsible in general) consumer.  These will be tips to help pass by misconceptions and overcome small barriers. This […]


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